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Making of American house/Publisher YamamiDou Co.,Ltd/First Published September 1999. This is out of print.
Price/\1,500+tax ISBN4-381-10347-5 C2075 \1500E

The American house was introduced
by the first number of "Style-House"
(NEKO Publishing Co.,Ltd - December 18, 2000)


Making of American house
Your own self built
2x4 house

Akira Toriyama's great reviews!
"He is too Americanized. Finally, he has designed and built his own house and published the story book by his powerful passion!"

This is an easy guidebook and experience note with rich illustration to build 2 x 4 house on my own over 140 days. Many strong preferences are in it. Check it out if you try your own self built house!

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The first published / September, 1999
Price / \1,500+tax
*This is out of print.

Now Planning to make the revised edition!
I am planning to increase original illustrations and tree house pages in the book.
Some slide show movies of Making of American House will be attached for the appendix.

Check this book out here!

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