Self builed American house 2x4, lindal cedar homes, Rural countryside lifestyle, stovea fireplace

Making of American house/Publisher YamamiDou Co.,Ltd/First Published September 1999. This is out of print.
Price/\1,500+tax ISBN4-381-10347-5 C2075 \1500E

October, 2007
My house was used as the location of making a movie "Wenny Has Wings"
April 26, 2008, Preview in theaters throughout japan.

Kitchen, Living, Office, Bathroom, Passage, Furniture, Small articles, Toys...You can see them in the movie everywhere.
Check it out the filming location !

The tree house was built on the garden tree for filming.

Official Web site at "Wenny Has Wings"

Now Planning to make the revised edition!
I am planning to increase original illustrations and tree house pages in the book.

Some slide show movies of Making of American House will be attached for the appendix.

140 day's story of an absolute beginner carpenter completed the one-story house without any rehearsal!

This full process with difficulty can be seen in the book, which has many delightful illustrations.

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