Self builed American house 2x4, lindal cedar homes, Rural countryside lifestyle, stovea fireplace inquiry about AmericanHouse

Making of American house/Publisher YamamiDou Co.,Ltd/First Published September 1999. This is out of print.
Price/\1,500+tax ISBN4-381-10347-5 C2075 \1500E



Born in 1957, living in Gifu Prefecture

My career of illustrator professional is reason why I have been good at drawing pictures when I was a child.

I studied in a design vocational school after my graduation from high school, and then I worked for an advertising company.

1979 / TAMIYA FIGURE REMODERING AWARD 1979 - 1989 : For 10 years in a row.

1981 / AKIRA TORIYAMA, as partnering with an assistant. - Akira Toriyama, who is a Japanese manga and artist, is widely known for "Dragon Ball".

1987 / Debut as a short story manga artist on monthly Young Jump (Shuei-sya).

1992 / Publishing of the first illustration book "MOTOR PANIC" (Village VANGUARD, Kakusha Inc). Then, Japanese Automotive journal "CarEX" had run this serial for two years.

1999 / In 40 years old, I became an extemporary carpenter! I built 2 x 4 house on my own house and published "Making of American house (Sankaido Co.,Ltd)"
In 41 years old, I became a MAC operator.

"Cinemaplus+ series" is serialized in a Monthly Automotive journal "Daytona" - Publisher: NEKO PUBLISHING CO., LTD.). I am in charge of the serial movie introduction.

My dream to the future : BUGS CAFE, Bates Motel, Original Brand T-shirts shop, ARTFRONT FILM(Cartoon movies), and so on.

My hobby : Building plastic models, Film Appreciation, Interior, Automobile, billiards, Outdoor Camping, Cooking, Volleyball, and so on.


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