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1979 - 1989 : For 10 years in a row. These are prize-winning works announced on Tamiya News.

6th : "Makaroni Horenso" the humor award - This prize was the second entry for me.


7th : "PINOCCHIO" Silver prize


8th : "2001 : A Space Odyssey" Bronze prize


9th : "Dr.SLUMP" Silver prize


10th : "RAIDERS-TUNISIA" "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Gold prize


11th : "TRIPLE SELF PORT-RAIT" Silver prize. My brother won the Gold prize.


12th : "RODEO" "HALLOWEEN" Bronze prize. My brother won the Gold prize.


13th : "The Wonderful World of OZ" Silver prize. My sister in law won the ladies prize.


14th : "Home Coming Kiss" / "Tanpopo" Silver prize : Akira Toriyama won the gold prize.


15th : "Dreamy Flight" Silver prize