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Takashi Matsuyama
independent illustrator professional, Designer
Born in November 17, 1957, living in Seki city, Gifu.

My career of illustrator professional is reason why I have been good at drawing pictures when I was a child.

I studied in a design vocational school after my graduation from high school, and then I worked for an advertising company named "Takase Studio".

In 1979 / TAMIYA FIGURE REMODERING AWARD - silver prize Afterwards, I had got the prize for 10 years in a row.
In 1981 / I met Akira Toriyama who is a Japanese manga artist and game artist, widely known for "Dragon Ball",
and joined his company "Bird Studio" as partnering with the second assistant.
I was in charge of drawing the building and the scene of Dr. Srump's village (Penguin village) and the house of Kame sennin or the background scene in the star of Namec in Dragon Ball.
In 1987 / Debut as a short story manga artist on the extra number of monthly Young Jump (Shuei-sya).
In 1992 / Punishing of the first illustration book "MOTOR PANIC" requested by Village VANGUARD.
Then, Japanese Automotive journal "CarEX" had ran this serial for two years.
In 1999 / In 40 years old, I became an extemporary carpenter. I build 2 x 4 house on my own house and published Making of American house (Sankaido Co.,Ltd).
In 2001 / "Nut's (NEKO Publishing Co.,Ltd) on a Monthly Automotive journal Daytona and a Monthly house magazine Style House in a row.
Cartoon "Nut's the Mat's" ran serially on the magazine"Quant.
In 2006 / I started the illustration work of "Tokoro's Setagaya Base".
In 2007 / "Cinemaplus+ series" was serialized in a Monthly Automotive journal "Daytona".
In 2008 / This house was used as the location of making a movie "Wenny Has Wings".
Kyomei Logic art work "T-REX" on release.
In 2009 / I started to design cafe shop and beauty salon, store design, American house.
I participated in "ThinkAbout2030 project" as a chief illustrator.

In 2010 / Daytona"Cinemaplus+ series" is favorably serialized.
Kyomei Logic art work "Time machine" on release.
In 2011 / Kyomei Logic art work "T-Bear" on release.
Illustrations - Tokoro's Setagaya Base "The greatest operations of Nikotama"

[Clients and Partners]
Toppan Printing, Dentsu, Neko Publishing, Sekai Bunka sha, Hukuinkan Shoten, Tokuma Shoten, TOYOTA, TV Club, TENKY, Asatsu-DK

Dream to the future : BUGS CAFE, Bates Motel, Original Brand T-shirts shop, ARTFRONT FILM(Cartoon movies), and so on.

Hobby : Building plastic models, Film Appreciation, Interior, Automobile, billiards, Outdoor Camping, Cooking, Volleyball, and so on.

[Artists who I respect]
Akira Toriyama, Hisashi Eguchi, Makoto Komori, Masamichi Oikawa, Leo Sewell


Please feel free to contact me if you request any works and have any questions to ARTFRONT SOHO .