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Making of American house "You can build 2x4 house on your own!"

Akira Toriyama's great reviews!
He is too Americanized. Finally, he has designed and built his own house
and published the story book by his powerful passion!"

This is an easy guidebook and experience note with rich illustrations
to build 2 x 4 house on my own over 140 days. Many strong preferences are in it.
Check in out if you try your own self built house!

Publisher/YamamiDou Co.,Ltd First Published/September 1999 (This is out of print.)
Price/\1,500+tax ISBN4-381-10347-5 C2075 \1500E

MOTOR PANIC (Published in 1992) "Where is a famous car?"

This is an illustration book for Village VANGUARD,
which is Japanese unique book store.
This image is "Motorcar" version of "Where is a Wally?".

This has 12 illustration works, Hamburger shop, Drive-in Theater,
Motor racing, Skiing run, Highway, which have each rich situation and many cars.
These are games to find famous cars.

Please contact to me if you can never find it and get asleep!

Publisher/Kakusha Co.,Ltd First Published/August 1992 The second/September 1992

Price/\1800+tax ISBN4-906268-42-0 C8792 P1800E

These are cartoons of "Nuts the Mat's", which was serialized in Quant. Click each covers, and you can see the first page.

QUANT Vol.1 "Power Mac CUBE ver."



QUANT Vol.3 "Healy Davidson XR1000 ver."


QUANT Vol.4 "SONY AIBO ver."

QUANT Vol.5 "Space Goods ver."