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The main visual of 25th anniversary of Toyota Automobile Museum

[Publicity poster]
Posting period : March 25 - 31
Posting area : 8 Stations of Nagoya city Subway
Nagoya, Sakae, Kanayama, Fushimi, Kokusai center, Chikusa, Kamimaezu, and so on.

[Post card]
10,000 post cards ware delivered to visitors for the duration of Thanks week campaign (April 12 - 20)

[Place mat (Restaurant)]
This illustration was printed at the place mat made of paper.

[Sales of Novelty goods]
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Wallpaper can be downloaded from this web site of Toyota Automobile Museum.


This illustration is appeared on the Toyota motor's corporate site.

  Toyota corporate site (Japan)
  Toyota global site (overseas)

  Article page

  Article page


From May11 to June16 : The exhibition of "Takashi Matsuyama" was held in Toyota Automobile Museum.


The number of exhibitions ware all 82 art works.

78 art works ware exhibited from Cinemaplus+ series in Daytona.

"Nikotama landing operations of Tokoro's Setagaya Base" was exhibited with its pencil sketch.

The others ware "Harley town"and 1800X1250 big sized illustration, MOTORPANIC2, "Times Square".

"Movie and Car" Matsuyama World was well-received.

The article of TOYOTA Automobile Museum - About Takashi Matsuyama -

Born in 1957, living in Gifu prefecture, and an illustrator (Japan designers school graduates)

Matsuyama's fine world through the Matsuyama filter is creating an original world filled with dream and fantasy mixed ordinary with extraordinary.
Illustration works make all viewers return to their mind and dream of child. And they are well-received by many people and have a lot of chances to pick them up on magazines or advertising.

He says he is really addicted to "MOVIE" and loves movie very much. So, he has presented his art works added original essence based on cinema's scene.

The approach to draw out the new appeal of movies was successful and this series became popular.

In addition, his craftsmanship, which is good at making up plastic models and scrap arts, cooking, DIY, is useful for creating his art works.
So his self built house was published as a how-to book for self house builder, and used as a location of the movie.

"My dream is to restore my scrapped Beatle into racing Beatle."

He is a representative illustrator professional and an artist in Japan, who has the endless spirit of inquiry and is hoped to be active in various fields.

Toyota Automobile Museum
480-1118 41-100 Yokomichi Nagakute city, aichi
TEL : 0561-63-5151 / Visit and inquiry:0561-63-5155
[Open] 9:30-17:00 (visitors must enter by 16:30)